House of Sakinah

Trust & Tranquility

“It is He, Who sent down As-Sakinah (Calmness & Tranquility) into the hearts of the believers, that they may grow yet more firm in their faith.” 

 Al-Fath 48:4,  The Noble Qur’an


With open arms, they gave us love

I would like to acknowledge the sisters from House of Sakinah for their hardwork, empathy, strength and tireless ongoing help that they have shown to myself and my son.

After arriving from overseas and being stranded in Australia without friends or family to help, not knowing how I would survive her or get by from day to day or through the COVID lockdowns and recover from three very bad accidents.

They did not judge us in any way. With open arms, they gave us love, support and directions to places, we needed to get the specialised help from that was needed. They have been my rock through all the hardships and kept me positive. I will be forever grateful for the push they gave me to move ahead and how they have built up my very broken life and internal spirit, they have shown me that my life does mean something and that we can do anything we dream of doing or achieving, without them I don’t know where I would be today. They have been a constant help to give me the strength to keep pursuing ahead to achieve my goals and to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and to keep my faith, not only in myself but in Allah Always.

May Allah Always be blessed in your lives and in all this amazing work you do for women and their families like me. Thank you for going above and beyond your duties. 

Eternally Grateful,

Cherie French

Hope and miracle for homeless women


This is my testimonial regarding’ House of Sakina’. In 2013 One day , I was homeless with my 18 month old daughter. My Husband and all In Laws got furious and they decided not to keep me at home any more. So I was kicked out with my little daughter. I was new in Sydney. I did not know much people . My only friends circle was combined of my In Laws. At that very moment, no one was willing to keep me and my little daughter. I was homeless, familyless and job less. And at the same time my daughter was extremely sick. I was feeling extremely devastated . At that moment I was only praying and praying to get some kind of help. As I had no accommodation, no support.

Out of great embarrassment, fear and confusion . I contacted one of friend and told her my story that me and my daughter are on the road . We dont know where to go. At that moment, She gave me ‘House of Sakina ‘ contact number. I called that number. At that moment I talked with Firdausi Aunti. I told her my situation. She assured me of her help. With great difficulty me and my daughter reached ‘ House of Sakina’ as I was totally —~ unaware of Sydney suburbs. But thanks to all team of House of Sakina, especially Firdausi Aunti, they were like angels to me at that extremely difficult situation. I stayed at house of Sakina for few nights. Its like a hope and miracle for homeless, troubled women and children.

I could have never survive here without initial support of ‘House of Sakinah . They gave me shelter plus emotional, moral and financial support. And they have been supporting me in every difficult moment up till now. I really admire the concept of making this kind of place for women and children in crisis, especially those who are new to this country and not familiar with Australian system. After going through this extremely critical situation and deeply inspired by noble, dedicated team of House of Sakinah, I have made this my mission in life to support women and children in trouble and crisis and to serve community in the near future by becoming team of ‘House of Sakina’ . So we can spread more Khair for people ir1 need. May Allah accept ‘ all their endeavours and put barkat in their noble cause.

And because of Allah’s Almighty help who makes Waseela for every human being I am about to fi11ish my studies and Msc from University and in the process of starting my job lnshaAllah . So this is my journey from being homeless and on the road to standing on my own feet. Alhamduliah.


Kind, cooperative & caring

I, Maria ALI, when was very desperate with my marriage relationship with my husband and couldn’t seek any proper support. Then one of my friends game me the contact of House of Sakinah. My friend explained to me that I will get all kinds of assistant from them and satisfaction. After contacting and meeting people at House of Sakinah I found them very kind, cooperative and caring. Miss FIRDOUSI supported me morally, ethically and emotionally. She contacted some IMAM to get involved In this matter to settle down the things in a very smooth way. After long effort and counselling, the things were settled down ALHUMDULILLAH. I am very grateful to Miss Firdousi whose moral support showed me a lot of new horizons in my life. Her humble idiosyncrasy enlightened me. She still contacts me off and on to ask about my circumstances.

At the end, I will say, House of Sakinah had been a great source of my moral support and encouragement.

Maria Ali