HOS’s Sakinah for Seniors was held on Thursday 16 May 2024. Over 20 seniors attended and celebrated Mothers Day

Asima Anis opened the event with an overview of the activities and addressed the main purpose of the event. Yusra Thanvi did the Quran recitation followed by the English translation.

House of Sakinah’s managing director, Firdousi Obeidullah gave a brief summary of the House of Sakinah’s services and recent activities. House of Sakinah helps ladies in crisis who have layers of difficulty regarding Visa status and are not getting any centrelink support. Firdousi also shared about other services provided by HOS which includes School Breakfast, helping clients with groceries from the food bank.

Robina Yasmin spoke about her experience in helping elderly in the Muslim community. She emphasised on educating oneself regarding your rights and Australian Govt laws. Every person young or old has respect and rights. She also talked about the abuse old people have to face in aged care.

Najia Khalil, House of Sakinah’s coordinator announced upcoming workshops/training at HOS.

  • Hos is conducting DV training for staff and volunteers, which can assist them in dealing with clients and solving their problems in best possible ways. First session of the training was held in January and its next session will be held on 16th April.
  • Hos is having weekly sessions of chat chai and craft every Tuesday. She encourages the attendees to come and bring their friends along.

Medinia gave a brief speech about faith. She emphasised on educating one self and working hard towards Akhirah. Know your rights and increase your faith.She mentioned that Palestine has the higher emaan as they do not complain and have tawakkul on Allah.

All volunteers contributed to bring lunch and plastic plates/cups for the event.

Despite the hot day, the seniors thoroughly enjoyed the event. The attendees gave great feedback for the event.