House of Sakinah aims to:

Encourage women to help themselves by fostering respect, dignity and integrity within themselves and their families.

Deliver non-judgemental services to Muslim women from all backgrounds.

Provide culturally and religiously appropriate counselling and help to women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Emergency Services

Crisis accommodation

For victims of Domestic Violence where they are housed and basic groceries etc are provided. Advice and referrals are provided to guide them to other agencies that can provide more long-term accommodation and to help them with Legal issues, Immigration Issues, Centrelink, and Housing etc.

Network with Police & AVO

We have built a strong relationship with the DV sergeant from Mount Druitt Police Station. They have been a strong supporter of HoS and they have been a source of help with any AVO and other related issues.


We are able to refer individuals to the following services:

Personal & Legal Issues

Medical Issues



Government Agencies

Other Services

Community Programs

Sakinah for Seniors

Our dedicated team of volunteers are in touch with Senior Muslim women living on their own to offer help with shopping and Doctor visits etc. Once a month the Seniors are picked up and brought to HOS where they have lunch and are given beneficial information about other beneficial services they can avail, Doctors etc.

School Breakfast Program

We supply Breakfast supplies each term to two Local Public Schools and even serve breakfast to them on selected dates that are given to us. Many children come to school without having breakfast due to many issues and so suffer with concentrating and focusing on their studies.


Assistance is given to Women struggling financially to provide food for their families. These hampers not only include fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread but also cleaning products and hygiene

Advice & Mediation

Networking with local agencies

We are in contact with WashHouse, DVSM and, other community organisations in the area. Hence, offering a variety of services.