I, Maria ALI, when was very desperate with my marriage relationship with my husband and couldn’t seek any proper support. Then one of my friends game me the contact of House of Sakinah. My friend explained to me that I will get all kinds of assistant from them and satisfaction. After contacting and meeting people at House of Sakinah I found them very kind, cooperative and caring. Miss FIRDOUSI supported me morally, ethically and emotionally. She contacted some IMAM to get involved In this matter to settle down the things in a very smooth way. After long effort and counselling, the things were settled down ALHUMDULILLAH. I am very grateful to Miss Firdousi whose moral support showed me a lot of new horizons in my life. Her humble idiosyncrasy enlightened me. She still contacts me off and on to ask about my circumstances.

At the end, I will say, House of Sakinah had been a great source of my moral support and encouragement.

Maria Ali