I would like to acknowledge the sisters from House of Sakinah for their hardwork, empathy, strength and tireless ongoing help that they have shown to myself and my son.

After arriving from overseas and being stranded in Australia without friends or family to help, not knowing how I would survive her or get by from day to day or through the COVID lockdowns and recover from three very bad accidents.

They did not judge us in any way. With open arms, they gave us love, support and directions to places, we needed to get the specialised help from that was needed. They have been my rock through all the hardships and kept me positive. I will be forever grateful for the push they gave me to move ahead and how they have built up my very broken life and internal spirit, they have shown me that my life does mean something and that we can do anything we dream of doing or achieving, without them I don’t know where I would be today. They have been a constant help to give me the strength to keep pursuing ahead to achieve my goals and to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and to keep my faith, not only in myself but in Allah Always.

May Allah Always be blessed in your lives and in all this amazing work you do for women and their families like me. Thank you for going above and beyond your duties. 

Eternally Grateful,

Cherie French